Turnaround Tuesday – Week Two – Success is Not Always What it Seems

Pa-chow! Week two is gone and flew by. It was a much better week for me. I can’t wait to tell you how much weight I lost, and how many inches! Jared on the other hand struggled, a lot. Food has a hold over that man like you wouldn’t believe! Well…maybe you can believe it because you have the same struggles too. We got into some of the issues we both faced a little bit last week-you can catch week one right here. The truth is,my husband gets bored easily and he LOVES food. I mean loves it. It’s a huge addiction for him, he gets instant gratification from it, food is fun for him, and he’s struggling with not wanting to give it up so easily. Proof of this is in what he said right after we did his weigh in – keep reading.


Last week I said I would give you a little closer insight to what we eat on a weekly basis. Above is a DELICIOUS, and I mean totally yummy smoothie that is a healthy replica of a shamrock shake. It contains spinach that you don’t even taste. This might gross you out, but I promise you, it’s good. When I feel like having dessert for breakfast or lunch, I will add avocado to make it thick and creamy, like pudding. YUM!


My snacks include fruit, a handful of veggies, a leucine-powered snack bar, some leucine-powered snack crisps, or peanut butter filled celery. I change things up so I don’t get bored, and I also have a pomegranate energy tea to keep me going past that lull I always get in the afternoon. Is it me or is the LOOOOOOOOONGEST part of the day from 1-3pm? Ugh. That’s when I make sure I have healthy snacks ready, including an assortment of sweet, salty, and crunchy to satisfy my craving at the same time. So there is a tip for you-if you have a hard time with snacking, have fruits or veggies ready to eat-as in peeled, cut, washed, etc, literally ready for you to grab and go.


I tell you what…at least FIFTY percent of my success has come from the the healthy recipes we are provided with for this challenge. I’m talking REAL food that is filling.  What to make for dinner can be a BIG struggle! Looking at the picture above, some meals we have throughout the week are 1) Pita pizza with romaine lettuce salad, 2) left over salsa chicken on a baked tortilla (I LOOOOOVE the crunch!), and 3) Baked portabella with grilled organic potatoes. Yummy! As you can see, we are eating healthy but eating VERY well. Dinners have been delicious.

Alright….lets get to the main event. Was there success this week?

After last week I decided that I was not going to help my husband be successful by doing everything for him. If anything, it’s going to hurt him and that’s the last thing I want to do. And please don’t think I’m putting my husband’s struggles on display. I truly want to help him, AND let others out there struggling know that you are not alone! So I cut back on what I did for him. If he asked me to bring him dinner to work, or make him a healthy smoothie, I would.  Otherwise, I put the focus back on myself and just more guided him when he asked. I exercised nearly every day except Friday (and never once left my home). And boy am I glad I did! What did I lose this week? Drum roll please……I lost THREE pounds!! And I lost 1.5 inches!! (1/2 inch from my upper thigh, my hips, and my waist). I am ecstatic! I feel great, my clothes feel great on me, and I have a lot of energy.


My hubby lost two pounds. Which isn’t bad considering he confessed to me that he wolfed down an ENTIRE FROZEN PIZZA on Friday.  And on Thursday he didn’t eat a thing until 2:30, right before work. And he struggles big time on weekends. Thankfully he is still having 1-2 shakes at some point of the day which is helping him keep that muscle mass, which is helps with his metabolism.  While my husband’s weight loss this week is smaller compared to last week, and it is truthfully frustrating for me, I find that it’s still a success because it’s two pounds he truly did on his own. I cannot want him to lose weight more than he wants it himself. So, he got sushi Friday night and I didn’t say a peep-I even had one piece with him. However, on Saturday after we did our weigh-ins, I drew the line sharing with him lol. He said “look at that, I had an entire pizza yesterday and still lost two pounds!” And off to get a Little Ceasers pizza he went. And by nighttime, he had eaten the whole thing. All by himself. True story.

And I promised an insight to a day in the life of my hubby-that came in week three, check it out here!! And in week four I shared what exercises I do, right in my own home. Oh-and no pics of the hubby, he didn’t want them this week. I’m totally going to honor that.

Did you miss out on Week One where I couldn’t figure out WHY I didn’t have any energy??

Check out a salad that both me and the hubs LOVE called Italian Side Salad. So so so good! Yummy!


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  1. Hi Michelle, Thanks for stopping in at Cranberry Morning to see my winter gear. lol It does feel a bit like a heat wave today. Pathetic, isn’t it. Always looking forward to May, that glorious month when the green comes back to NW Wisconsin.

    Congratulations on your weight loss. :-)

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